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Mission Statement

To Help You Acquire the Best Tone and Reliability Possible from All Your Gear

Repair & Restoration

I always go the extra mile to completely repair your amp just right the first time, instead of over and over again!

My goal is to provide you, the guitarist and audiophile, with the best possible musical experience you've ever had.

My Story

Get the best sound out of your gear with the help of AMPMEDIC AMP REPAIR. I offer the absolute best vacuum tube amplifier repair services in Nevada, and beyond.

Before moving to Henderson, Nevada, in 2003, I ran a successful guitar and audio amplifier shop and studio in Long Island, New York. I've since hung out my shingle in Las Vegas to provide professional vacuum tube guitar amp, audio amp, vintage radio repair services. Known for my troubleshooting ability and meticulous soldering skills, I install superior, hand-selected parts and components as opposed to cheap, off-brand substitutes. I specialize in the repair and restoration of the dead, the odd sounding, the needy, and the hacked (by others).

My tone shaping skills are second to none

Contact me at (855) 442-9647 to make an appointment for repair and restoration services

Note: I do NOT Repair Car - Automobile Amps or Sub Woofers or Home Theater Multi Channel components of any kind